Monday, August 31, 2009

Pear in a bottle

Early this spring, when the fruit trees were just setting out their little fruits, Gentleman Farmer and I chose a very small pear growing near the end of a branch. We slipped a clean glass bottle over the little pear and wired it to the branch. And then we waited... and waited... and
finally the day arrived to pick our pear which had grown full size inside the bottle!
I had to gently clean inside the bottle with a dampened paper towel on the end of a wooden skewer (like a long swab) as there was some dried leaves and bark stuck in the bottom.
Then, after a cool water rinse, covered the pear with Cherry Brandy (the only alchohol I had in the house ~ I had it for a recipe, honest! ;~}
The Brandy, or Vodka is to preserve the pear.)
This was quite the conversation piece when we brought it to church,
especially amongst the young people.
This can be done with a variety of fruits and vegetables. I read that you can grow a squash or watermelon inside a clean milk or juice carton and when it is larger, peal away the carton to reveal a 'square' melon!
Oh, the fun you can have on a farm! ;~P
I hope you will try this next year ~ and be sure to show us the pictures!