Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Happened?

Earlier this spring I bought 6 pullets (young girl chicks).
2 were given to the grand babies for Easter
and I kept 4.
I thought I had two Cuckoo Maran pullets
and two Americauna pullets.
Two parlicular birds went from this below
(center and right.)

to this...

Fly ~~~~~~~~~~ Taz
Teenager Fly
Fully grown male

He is a Cuckoo Maran
(the females supposedly lay dark chocolate
brown colored eggs. The Maran pullet has just
started laying and the eggs
aren't really very dark. Maybe she just needs
to mature a bit for them to get really chocolaty!)
Teenager Taz
(Hard to believe this is the little silver colored chick
in the first photo!)
Fully grown.
He is a beautiful Americauna Rooster
(He reminds me so of an Amish man with his
beard under his chin!)

Americauna hens lay green/blue eggs.
(His little mate hasn't started laying yet!)
I have never gotten roosters when I
have paid for pullets before!

While these guys are quite handsome
and crow faithfully and loudly
each and every morning
(and afternoon and evening!)
and are good providers
(they are forever finding bugs, etc. and calling
excitedly for all the girls to come and get it!)
And send out the alarm if anything seems amiss
on the farm...
I really was hoping for a few more layers!

I hope these guys don't get mean
like most of the roosters I have had.
If they do, the next photo you will see of them
will be like this...
Joining Susan for