Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cleaning up the "Happy Hens Haus"

Quite afew years ago, the Gentleman Farmer built me the
cutest little Hen House. It is a 1/7 scale of our Barn.
When it was finished, I stenciled different 'kinds' of eggs
onto the front of each nest.
We had a 'Chicken House Warming' party and invited
our (strange kindred spirits) friends from church and
our (then) Pastor and his family. We had a potluck style meal
were everyone brought an appropriate 'chicken/egg' dish
and the Pastor "blessed" the chicken house!
(He actually just prayed for happy, healthy hens to lay
lots of eggs, and for the 'Palace d'Poulet' to provide
protection for our little flock.)
What can I say ~ we are just simple country folk who
find fun where we can! We will use anything for an
excuse to get together and party!
Today was the day to clean the coop. The fresh grass hay
in the nest boxes definately improved the 'aroma'
after shoveling out the 'well used litter' which will
benefit the garden soil.
Below are the 12 nest boxes and their
assigned egg name!