Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White (board fence) Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday

Joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday and
Kathleen at Faded Charm today for

White Wednesday.

The fence that surrounds Cove Cottage was in desperate need of a lick of paint!
And time was running out! Our dry weather would soon be coming to
an end and we just couldn't leave the fence unpainted for another winter.
It was Now or Never! Painting by hand would have taken far too long so
Gentleman Farmer borrowed a paint sprayer. It makes a bit of a mess
of the grass and plants near the fence, but speeds the process along
greatly. The 'white' grass will disappear after a mowing or two.
After much hard prep work of scraping and rolling on a
mildewcide, and 11 gallons of primer and 11 gallons of white paint,
here is the finished product!
(Gentleman Farmer built all the fence and gates that surround Cove Cottage.)

One of the frequent visitors to Cove Cottage wanted to be in the
above photo ~ can you spot her?

Hopefully, next summer there will be a beautiful arbor and a gazebo to
go to through this new white gate!


Nadine said...

I love the white fence! I agree, that would take way too long to paint by hand!
Your farm is so beautiful!!!

Love & Blessings!

Marqueta said...

Wow, gentleman farmer is to be congratulated! I can imagine how much work making the fence was.

It looks very homey.



Beth at Aunties said...

It looks postcard perfect and your visitor is adorable! Nothing like a crisp whit fence on a farm to make it stand out.

Your farm is gorgeous!


LDH said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

The fence and gate look beautiful in their new coat of white (my favorite color). What a big task to build and paint so much fencing. I love gates. Something about them is so inviting.

So nice visiting with you today for Outdoor Wednesday.

The B's said...

I love how it's a real wood fence and I know that it will last til the end of the earth ~ because of the builder's extreme thoroughness. =)

I love your background, too. You're right, it's perfect for the Skep.


g.suzie said...

Nothing looks so nice as a freshly painted white fence. . .Oh it feels so good to get those kinds of projects finished. Have a great day, I love your old photos btw!

Mary said...

What a beautiful property. It must bring you great joy. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Stine in Ontario said...

The newly painted fence looks GREAT! But what a ton of work even though you used a sprayer.

Charlene said...

Your little deer playing peek a boo is darling. I love your fence & I think he had the right idea. Hand painting that would stink!!!!! I love all those vintage photos on your sidebar. Are they family? Oh I would love to do art with them. Darling!!!!! Thank you for sharing your fence with us.

Sharon said...

Hello Raeann :)

I would have definitely used the paint sprayer too! The fence looks wonderful. I love that tree in the
second and fourth photos. I also wanted to say that I LOVE your header! Beautiful photo :0

Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing :)


Alicia said...

Beautiful fence, Gentleman Farmer is quite talented to have built it. I spy the little fawn :-)

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Oh My what a beautiful place to live, and your husband did a fantastic job.

Karen said...

Beautiful white fence---you have a lovely place to live. Have a wonderful weekend. Karen

Janean said...

TONS of work, but worth it! lovely...