Friday, July 17, 2009

Wild Black Caps

I have been guarding them for two years.
Gentleman Farmer has wanted to "remove" them
so he could build a woodshed there.

They grow against the back wall of the barn
and they are hemmed in at the front by the
rows of firewood, protected from the deer
who love them as much as I do!


Patience has paid off ~ this year there is enough
to make a batch of sweet Black Cap Jam.

And I did!


(Recipe can be found in The Pantry.)


Nadine said...

How wonderful that they produced so well for you this year! We can't wait for the blackberries in the neighborhood to be ripe later this summer! Our favorite jam!


Michele said...

I love your new look! The vintage pictures are just so sweet!

Dad, I'm glad you allowed the berries to stay. =)

Charlene said...

Are Black Caps like a blackberry? Your farm looks divine. I would love to come up to that area next summer when we vacation on the west coast (hope hope hope we get our RV & can make that trip). Icontacted Stacey about those precious vintage images you said you got from her. Thank you for sharing that info. I don't want to take images if they are not offered. Your bird images are wonderful too. If I make something with one of the vintage kids... I'll let you know. And by the way, I like your blog sooooooo much after visiting other posts, I am going to post it on my sidebar so I can share it with others & see all your new posts. Thank you from your new blog friend Charlene