Monday, February 21, 2011

Homestead Barn Hop

Are you tired of this ceaseless, dreary weather?
Do you need a spark of color to brighten your ho-hum day?
But where does one find THAT on these boring washed out Winter White
or dismal Northwest Gray afternoons?
Why, right outside your window!
There may not be anything blooming in the garden
right now, but the shrubs and trees are full of
color nonetheless!
A careful glance past the bird feeder, I spot
a flash of azure with a velvet black hood
dancing in the buddleia bush!

A moment later, this little fellow joins him
wearing his finest little red bib and tucker!

Another softly colored guest zips in for a helping of
seeds to carry off to the higher branches of the
fruit trees to devour in a moment of solitude.

This little crowned beauty patiently awaits the
shower of seeds provided by the greedy
diners on the feeders above.

This plump fellow surveys the merriment of his
comrades from a nearby post. His turn is coming.

His shy demeanor soon dissipates
as he joins in the banqueting
sporting his fine rusty red knickers and
black and white spotted jacket.
While this little miss isn't bright in color,
the lovely muted stripes and white edging on her
feathers remind me of a beautifully
variegated leaf.
Another golden adorned sparrow has come to dine.
This fellow is so fat! And he is wearing a
lovely ascott of gold at his throat!
Else where on the farm, there are even more
splashes of color....
like this yellow tommy kitten
hunting for mice.

One has to focus to notice the silver plumage of this Heron
as he stands perfectly still, awaiting an inattentive
frog or small fish on the boggy tidelands of the bay.

Color is out there, we just have to take the time to
stop and look and enjoy!

Joining Amy @ Homestead Revival for the first

Won't you *hop* on over and see what's happening
at all the other places?


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful to see this, especially after the snow storm we just had yesterday :)


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Such a good reminder! We can get so busy we miss the blessings right under our nose!

Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Holly said...

I enjoyed see the birds at your feeder! And what a beautiful feeder you have, too. My feeder was blown off the porch & smashed by the wind. Your post makes me feel anxious to get another one. Holly

Cheri said...

Lovely! There is nothing like living color!

Camille said...

So pretty Raeann! I enjoyed my visit here with you today. What a collection of lovely birds visit your place....just beautiful! God's creation is always a joy.

Many blessings,

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Oh, what wonderful color! The birds make life so wonderful and sweet, don't they? You have quite a variety there, too!

Thanks for sharing with us,


The B's said...

I love the little birds. Looks like you have quite a variety right now. I need to get my feeders fixed up for feasting, too! xoxoxo

Linda Stubbs said...

We love feeding and watching our little birdies on our farm. With the weather the way it has been we have been feeding them every time the feeder is empty. Love your pictures. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Hugs to you sweet lady!!!!!!!!


Simply Heart And Home said...


It does a heart good to see those sweet birds and know that spring will be here soon. :)


Anonymous said...

A very good reminder!

I love watching birds in the winter, they are such beautiful creatures.

Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Lori said...

I enjoyed the bird watching!
I tried to participate in the hop too but wordpress was giving me a fit, again! I should just stick with blogger ;)

So glad to see the sunshine again