Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Facelift for the Happy Hens Haus

Joining Amy and the gang

over at the Homestead Revival Barn Hop.

The winter rains and snow had nearly scoured

all of the paint off of the Chicken Coop.

We had one nice sunny day last weekend

so we got out the paintbrushes and went to work!

I have some of my plants hardening off
on racks over the compost bin...

and on crates next to the coop.
It was looking pretty sad

But now it is looking fresh and new!
It matches the color of the trim on our house.

We aren't finished with it yet;

we are painting window boxes,

making some little white shutters,

and I have a painting that I hang

above the door every summer.

I am wanting to plant some

deer proof perennials on either

side of the door.

I have had roses, lillies and some

herbs there and the deer
have throughouly enjoyed them.

Do you have any suggestions?

I will be back with more photos when

it is all finished!

Won't you take a peek at what is happening

at the other Homesteads? There is sure to be

something that will strike your fancy! ;~P


LDH said...

That is one great looking chicken coop! Looks like you guys have accomplished a lot already! Window boxes and shutters are going to be so cute!

Alana Jo said...

It looks great!

Sharon said...

Hello Raeann :)

Your coop looks great :) I love the color. It looks like you are getting so much done for your garden, I bet you're excited to start planting. Thanks for sharing a peek :)

Have a blessed day!

American Home said...

I looks wonderful....You have very fortunate chickens to have such a nice owner who gives them an "extreme make-over!"

God Bless,

A Cultivated nest said...

Very nice! I think shutters will look really cute.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so pretty...and all those wonderful seedlings growing under the warming sun :)

Mrs. M.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, you have some garden going on. Someday I will have to come see it. Enjoy the sn xoxo Clarice