Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Marauders!

Maraud', To rove in quest of plunder; to make an excursion for booty; to plunder.

Marauder, n. A rover in quest of booty or plunder.

Meet my 'Marauders'!

(Shown above, plundering a bowl of oatmeal!)

Always on a quest for booty!


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

I thought something terrible happened! I'm glad to see the marauders only interested in oatmeal (phew!). :)

Ours LOVE oatmeal, too, and sandwiches that helpless children bring out to picnic on in the back yard.



Lady Farmer said...

Something terrible has happened ~ those marauders are often plundering my garden for booty! Many a long hour has been spent chasing, corraling and shrieking at said marauders to usher them back to less vulnerable territory!
I have just come in from a few hours of weeding, where the riotous crew mobbed me and my garden fork on their quest for hidden treasure ~ grubs and worms! I can't go outside wearing flip-flops or sandals as, I guess, my toes look like enormous worms at which they peck unmercilessly!
Yes, they love oatmeal, which I have been feeding them each morning to help qwell their unsatiatable appetites, but they will try anything that moves and even those that don't move! They are eating machines! I have never had such a bunch in all my life!
They would not only eat your childrens picnic sandwiches, but I fear the children, too!
If you don't hear from me after today, you can guess what has happened to me!!! Send help in the form of a giant Colonel Sanders!And tell him I like mine extra crispy!

Kateri said...

That sounds like my little black australorps...they are eating machines all right! The california whites are much more picky about what they eat. Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering your advice.